A downloadable game for macOS and Linux

Movement: W, A, S, D (tap faster to run faster)
Look: H, L (hold to swing around)
Charge artifact: Space
Forge artifact: -, =, [, ]

This game was made in around 6 hours as a part of my recent initiative to make one experimental game a week. Right now I'm experimenting with player attachment to artifacts in a virtual environment, and making a space feel real by normalizing its representational elements. There is no explicit goal, but there are properties of the world and the objects to discover. The build is packaged with one seed, so you will always experience the same world on the same system.

This game also features the alt first-person control scheme I've been messing with. Inspired the run mechanic in Receiver, I wanted to make walking feel less cruise control. I'm also using simpler Doom-style look controls that reduce needless degrees of freedom. The forge keys are purposely spaced out to encourage pondering.

Made in the burner engine. Yell at me if you want a Windows build.


Linux notes: notable dependencies are libGL and libX11.


jam5_linux.zip 128 kB
jam5_mac.zip 97 kB

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