A downloadable game for macOS and Linux

Take headset on/off: Q
Look  (operator): E
Movement (drone): W, A, S, D
Look     (drone): H, L (hold to swing around)
Thrust   (drone): Space

This game was made in around 10ish hours as a part of my recent initiative to make one experimental game a week. This project was focused on player attachment to minimalist procedurally-generated environments. The build is packaged with one seed, so you will always experience the same world on the same system.

Inspired by FPV drone flights, this week's game is about being lost in a city and finding yourself. You begin the game with the drone in front of you, but every time you land the drone on your body, you warp to a different location on the map. Take your headset off to get a sense of where you are, and put it back on to fly home.

Many people like to fly straight up immediately, but the auto-tilt actually makes it more difficult to find targets at a distance--this was intentional!

Made in the burner engine. Shout if you want a Windows build.



jam6_linux.zip 130 kB
jam6_mac.zip 98 kB


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I want a windows build :(