A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


this is a simple experiment about character creation and player attachment that I made over a weekend in april. it's an RPG, in a sense. the heroes play themselves. your job is to design them.


  numbers 1-4 / WASD / HJKL / arrow keys: add point to stat
  R: randomize stats (hit twice to reset)
  WASD / HJKL / arrow keys: select option
  enter: move to next screen
  WASD / HJKL / arrow keys: look around
  -, =: zoom out, in
  space: pause
  click on creature or thing: follow target (lock cursor)
  click anywhere else: unlock cursor
  hover over creature or thing when unlocked: get info

to begin the game, you must first design a hero. new heroes materialize at the altar in the center of the universe.

when a hero levels up, there is a chance they will have children. if you design a powerful character, you might start a bloodline.

the world is full of unsophisticated mobs. when a mob is vanquished, it drops gem. gem can be brought back to the altar to gain faith. faith is essentially your score.

every so often, the altar demands a new creation, giving you an opportunity to expand your clan. however, be wary of heretics: heroes of the past that have turned against you.


  • you might want to pause (space) immediately upon entering the world for the first time to get your bearings
  • the camera will automatically follow level ups and deaths, presumptuously ripping control out of your little hands


  • the SPD stat only affects characters in increments of 6
  • each spell cast requires 20 MP--INT bumps max mana in multiples of 5, so you need at least 4 INT to cast

this game was made in the txtquad engine--more info here:

note on engine versions:
v1.0.1-alpha (linux, windows)
v1.0.0-alpha (macos)


jam9-win.zip 116 kB
jam9-linux.zip 215 kB
jam9-macos.zip 2 MB


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This does not seem to work at all. On my end, I just get a black screen.

is this on windows? do you have a nvidia card by any chance? I heard that the new driver update might have some issues

updated the windows build (jam9-win.zip). let me know if that works for you

Yes, it is an Nvidia card on Windows, and no, it did not fix it.

gotcha. do you mind shooting me an email with your card and driver version? you can reach me at acg (at) aaronsee.media


Any progress?

Works now